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hawaii artist DK. NaganoAloha! I'm DK. Nagano and I was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu to humble parents who hailed from plantation life on Molokai and Kauai. I started drawing at the age of three or four, and never stopped. There have been times when I've gotten side tracked by life, but I have always come back to creating art in some form or another.

As a young mother in the 1980s I relied on my talent for creating portraits of people's loved ones to make ends meet. I did this on and off while I raised my two sons. Then in 2005, I started Tropical Glassworks Hawaii, specializing in handcrafted stained glass window panels and lamps. Completely self-taught, I learned to create stained glass works of art in a small workshop under my house and sold my work online, eventually garnering the attention of Hawaiian Style Magazine, who published an article about my work in 2008. Unfortunately, I lost my shop in 2011, after the economy crashed, and unable to afford the high rents in Hawaii, I was forced to shut down Tropical Glassworks, but I still have fond memories of some of the great people I met while I was designing and marketing these works of art.

After several years of painting designs and artwork, with the help of my sons, I decided to open Pono Artworks as a way to bring some of my designs to consumers. Pono artworks is a work in progress, as I strive to bring quality designs on quality products to the marketplace. 

More to come later.....

You can view my portfolio at By DK. Nagano

"Pono is a Hawaiian word that means righteousness; or to make things right; or do what is right. It is a loaded word which implies living in harmony and balance, a goal we should all aspire to."

About Shipping

Pono Artworks currently ships to the USA, Canada, and Japan.  All products are custom printed when ordered, and will ship out within 3 to 5 days.

Shipping is FREE for all US customers only, and will be shipped asap, upon printing. You should receive your item within 7 to 10 days.

Where possible, items will be shipped together. In some cases, items will be shipped separately, depending on print times.

Shipping for Canada and Japan is calculated by weight. All international customers are responsible for payment of any tariffs or VAT taxes that are applicable in their country.

About Returns & Exchanges

It is my goal to have 100% customer satisfaction. To that end, I have a 30 day return policy. If you receive an order and are not happy with the quality or print, or the item was damaged in transit, please email me within 14 days at admin@ponoartworks.com, so we can arrange to have the product exchanged or returned.

You can view our refund policy here