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Pono Artworks creates hand-painted Hawaiian designs and makes them available to be printed on T-shirts, apparel, accessories, gifts, and home decor, making for a unique gift or addition to your home or wardrobe.

Hawaiian RFID-bblocking phone wallets

NEW! RFID-blocking Wallets

Don't fall victim to credit card theft! Nowadays, many credit and debit cards employ RFID technology by putting a chip in your card that sends out credit caard info when scanned. The odds are you have a few of them in your wallet. While this technology offers the opportunity for wireless scanning, it also has opened the door to a whole new way for thieves to get a hold of your credit and debit card numbers via an electronic skimmer. Not only will these beautiful tropical wallets hold all your  essentials, but the RFID blocking material will prevent thieves and scammers from downloading sensitive info from your credit and debit  cards, saving you money and headaches in the long run.